Team Checklist Cards are Here

I’ve had team checklist cards on my todo list for a while now and have been avoiding them because of some the challenges I wasn’t sure how I was going to handle yet. But I dug in this week and got to work, and I am really happy with the results.

When the card set is created for the season you are playing, all of the player cards are generated, then the checklist cards are created, adding the appropriate players to their lists.

As you start adding cards to your collection, your checklist cards will begin to fill in the boxes automatically.

A Checklist Card

For my first iteration of the back of the checklist, I had penciled X’s on the boxes. Then I remembered that we actually filled in the boxes, so I imitated that. I think it looks fantastic now, and later I’ll probably add a little randomization to those marks.

As a player, would you rather fill these in on your own, instead of the game doing it for you? I’ve been debating this and haven’t decided yet. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

With that I will leave you with another excerpt from Josh Wilker’s Cardboard Gods:

We began bringing these packs home and opening them and marking the new names received on a checklist and sorting those cards into teams and casting names already received into a reservoir for flipping and trading, the doubles pile. There were rules and unknowns, satisfactions and needs, waves of getting and undertows of wanting. The riddling pull of love. We began to collect.

Walkthrough Video

Here is my first video walking you through the main pieces of the game as it stands today. I have already posted screenshots for most of the footage you will see here, but this is the first time you will see it all in motion.

Please leave comments and opinions for how the game is starting to look and feel and suggestions for things you’d like to see in the game.

It’s exciting to see all of the pieces starting to work together and I look forward to giving you an alpha demo soon.

Baldwin Street – Where the Waxpacks Were

I grew up in a typical suburb during the 1970s and 1980s. One of the main streets that led into the local shopping area was traveled heavily by my mom and dad with my brother and I in the back seat of the car. While gathering material for the game, I realized that almost all of my baseball cards were purchased on this street, at three different locations.

Mother Hubbard convenience store, 7-Eleven and the local mecca for baseball cards, Sportscard Stadium, were all within a quarter mile of each other on Baldwin Street. Whether it was a Saturday morning trip to Sportscard Stadium with our dad or a treat from our mom at Mother Hubbard for being good at the dentist, opening brand new waxpacks was a common activity for my brother and I.

It is with these memories in mind, that the store I have created for Waxpack Summer is named Baldwin’s Convenience Store, run by the kind Mr. Baldwin.

Here is the current work in progress:

Exterior of Baldwin's Convenience Store

Inside you can buy candy and soda (to be added soon), but most importantly, baseball cards.

Interior of Baldwin's Convenience Store